When investing in closed circuit television systems, there are many things to consider. If you’re installing CCTV is protect your home or business, you’ll have to decide how many cameras you need and where they should be positioned – and that’s just the start of your tailored CCTV system. You can choose from wired or wireless systems, colour or black and white cameras and a range of resolutions. Unless you’re an expert, it can get quite confusing!

Read on to find out everything you need to know about CCTV systems and which is best for your situation.

Dome cameras VS bullet cameras

There are a few different types of cameras which can be included in your entire system – mainly dome or bullet cameras. Dome cameras are small and round and are usually fitted to the ceiling indoors. Bullet cameras are more noticeable and are mounted to a wall.

image of person opening door Colour VS black and white image

Many CCTV images are black and white, but as technology has moved on you now also have the option of colour. However don’t always assume that a colour camera will give the best picture quality. Where light is low, black and white CCTV is recommended unless the camera has built-in night vision.

Wired VS wireless

Once again, thanks to innovation in technology you now have the option of a wired or wireless CCTV system. There isn’t a huge difference in the quality of the cameras or CCTV images, however a wireless system makes installation much simpler and faster.

DVR VS digital remote viewingbarbed wire home security

Traditionally, if you were installing CCTV you would have a digital video recorder (DVR) for viewing the images, and they would be saved on a hard drive. It would have to be linked up to a monitor, and this is good for large commercial buildings with lots of CCTV feeds as they can all be in the security room. However you can now take advantage of remote viewing on some systems, so you can tap in and view live images on your laptop or mobile phone from any location.

Analogue VS HD

In terms of resolution and picture quality, the latest CCTV systems offer HD recording. High definition pictures are much sharper than analogue so you can get a clearer picture of who is in your home or business.

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