System Maintenance

If you want to make sure that your property is fully secured at all times, you’ll need a trained professional to maintain your security systems and carry out any necessary repairs. As with all electrical equipment, sometimes things go wrong and potential issues could arise – leaving your home or business exposed.

This is why when you decide to invest in an intruder alarm or CCTV system, you also have the option of choosing a maintenance contract. Our highly qualified team will come and check all components are working as they should at least once a year, and can be called out to your property if you notice a fault yourself.

The Assured Security Solutions maintenance package includes:


Annual service to carry out preventative maintenance

it always helps to have a trained eye look at the security system to reduce the chance of any problems arising in the future


Repair callout

if ever anything isn’t working quite right, we’ll send an engineer to fix it as soon as possible


Property evaluation

every time we visit we will re-evaluate the property to make sure it is still fully secure. Even small changes such as the furniture layout can lead to insecure areas, which are easily fixed by a professional


Total cost cutting solution

by having regular maintenance checks, you can reduce the need for expensive repairs in the future

By putting a dedicated maintenance contract in place, you can rest assured knowing your security system is offering the maximum protection and will do so for years to come.

Free 12 Month Maintenance Contract Will All New Residential Installations

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