Alarm Systems

Secure your property and deter the criminal, invest in one of our individually designed alarm systems

All of our intruder alarm systems are designed to meet the exact requirements of your property and daily routine and are installed to exceed the latest European and British standards using professional, insurance graded, CE rated equipment.

Our engineers always take the time and attention to detail to install our systems to the highest standard and will treat your property as if our own.

We specialise in 868MHZ wireless technology systems for our residential clients due to the following advantages over conventional wired systems.


Minimal disruption to decor

no floorboards or carpet lifting, no furniture moving!


Fantastic wireless range

sheds, garages and outbuildings are easily protected too


868MHZ technology

virtually eliminates the wireless issues of the older alarm systems using 433MHZ due to it being a very narrow band frequency – no confliction with other devices


Features wire free fobs

and proximity tags, eliminating the need to enter a code number


Wide range of detectors

door contacts, shock sensors, smoke & CO2, curtain pirs


Easily expandable

for future projects such as extensions, garages, conservatories etc


Total perimeter protection easy

no cables or conduit on doors or windows


Lithium battery technology

means battery life now extends to 2 years


Pet friendly detector options

no need to restrict pet access within property


Integral speech dialler and audio microphone

listen in to your property via your mobile and have two way speech with family members to verify identity of person on site in the event of an alarm activation

We also offer fully wireless systems as an option for bungalows or commercial properties where less disruption is required and we can also offer hybrid systems that allow both wired and wireless detectors – great for upgrading older wired systems in newly decorated properties that require additional protection.

We are also happy to take over the maintenance of existing alarm systems to ensure your existing system continues to function correctly.

All in all, we offer a solution for all your security alarm requirements whether at home or work.

Enhance your security by investing in one of our individually designed alarm systems, a vital tool in deterring potential intruders and ensuring the safety of your home or business premises.

Alarm System Protect your House

Beat the burglar!

Typical detectors used in a residential property

A – Door Contact
B – Pet PIR
C – Smoke Detector
D – CO Sensor
E – Flood Sensor
F – Internal Siren
G – Panel
H – Wireless Siren

Alarm Systems - Honeywell Wireless Alarms

Wire-free alarm systems

fully installed at your home or business starting from £399

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