Fighting commercial and domestic crime is becoming easier with the help of modern technology – but burglars are still incredibly vigilant and opportunist criminals. But it’s not just break ins that businesses have to worry about in the UK, with instances of antisocial behaviour, and the threat of terrorist attacks, increasing.

There are a number of security measures homeowners and business owners can put into place to make their families and customers feel safe. Visible security alarms can act as a deterrent for criminals who are looking for an easy job – and some systems may also help to identify suspects and make sure they are prosecuted for the crime committed.

It’s possible that some areas can become ‘crime hotspots’ which isn’t good news if you own a property or business there. It’s up to you and other members of the community to step up security and make it a safe place to live. Here are some security systems to consider in the fight against crime.

Intruder alarms

Most crime prevention organisations and Police forces encourage the use of intruder alarms to prevent burglaries. Sometimes, it is a condition of your home insurance policy to have one fitted. If you live on a street and a number of houses have visible intruder alarms, your home will more likely be targeted if there are no obvious security alarms systems. If all properties have an intruder alarm fitted, you may drive away the criminals from the area altogether.

If an intruder alarm doesn’t discourage a criminal from breaking in, it should ensure they’re not comfortable inside to steal too many belongings. The public will be instantly altered to the break-in and it makes the perpetrator more vulnerable to being caught.

CCTV systems

Use of CCTV systems in both domestic and commercial properties is becoming more widespread, as the cost of installation decreases. People are generally less likely to commit a crime in the presence of CCTV cameras, as it can increase the chances of being caught. CCTV images are often used in cases as hard evidence to identify and prosecute suspects.

CCTV systems are useful in areas where a property may be subjected to a range of criminal activity, in addition to burglary. For example in shops it could pick up on employee theft, or it could help to reduce violent crime outside pubs and bars. CCTV cameras outside the home could also produce images of car theft which you can pass onto the Police.
If you want to reduce the potential for crime at your property, speak to us today about installing state-of-the-art security features.