Experienced criminals don’t just target random homes; they take time considering many factors before deciding which property to break into. Of course, a burglar’s main aim is to steal the most valuable objects without getting caught. This means you have to look at your home and think like a criminal – what clues are you giving away about what might be concealed outside, how could you be making their job easier?

Let’s take a look at how you could be inviting burglars into your home, and if you need to take steps to improve your home security.

An open invitation into your property

You might not think that you’re giving an invitation to criminals – but open windows, open sheds and unlocked garages are seen as just that. Burglars are opportunists, so even if you leave the back door open while gardening around the side of the house, they could be in and out in thirty seconds without being noticed. Keep all doors locked at all times.

Signs the property is empty

Burglars like to know a house is unoccupied before breaking in, so they have longer to steal valuables without getting caught. If you go on holiday and leave obvious signs, such as no vehicles outside and the curtains constantly closed, a burglar could be weighing up your home as the next target.

Smaller chance of getting caught

There are various home security features which can make a burglar’s life more difficult. An intruder alarm can inform neighbours or the police about a current break-in, and CCTV can identify the criminals and act as evidence for a court hearing. If your house doesn’t visibly have any security measures, then it could be seen as an easy job.

A good hiding place

Burglars don’t like to be seen, so they will often look for a good hiding place on the approach to the property, in the front or back garden. If you have overgrown bushes or foliage then criminals can lurk in the shadows. If additionally you don’t have any exterior lighting then they’ll be rubbing their hands with glee.

Obvious spare keys

Homeowners are still leaving spare keys outside their home in what they think are stealthy places. Wrong! Criminals know all the hiding places in the book for spare keys, so it’s just not worth taking the risk. Leave a key with a trusted neighbour if you must leave one somewhere.

Now you know what burglars are looking for, it’s time to put things right so your home is hopefully never a target.