If you live in a block of flats or a shared apartment building, you need to make sure you have the right security features in place to protect your property. While apartment blocks usually have tight door security measures such as key fobs or codes to enter the building, these are easily manipulated by a criminal. Most of the time they can hang around until somebody is leaving and slip in no questions asked.

Once a thief or group of thieves are in the building, there is only one weak door between them and your belongings – and the lock can be quickly picked. 44% of renters in the UK are living in flats while 9% of owner occupiers choose a flat. More and more people are seeing the benefits of living in an apartment, especially in large cities where properties are expensive. A stylish flat in a good location can also be expensive, but living and maintenance costs will be much less than a house.

If you live in a shared building, consider how safe you feel and what needs to be done to protect your property. Here are some tips for increasing the security of your apartment.

building with flats Install an intruder alarm

Fitting a burglar alarm will give you peace of mind when you are sleeping or not at home. If the intruder alarm is activated, it will be heard all over the block and surely scare away any burglar that doesn’t want to get caught. A modern wireless system can be installed with minimal disruption, and there are also pet-friendly options if you’re worried about a cat or dog setting off the alarm.

Request CCTV

If your block of flats doesn’t already have CCTV fitted at the entrance, ask your landlord or the property management team to install it. A CCTV system can make residents feel safer and you have a good case to put forward – you could even ask your neighbours to get involved and start a petition or set up a Neighbourhood Watch group to meet with the building’s owners if needed.

Fit extra locksimage of a spiralling staircase

One standard lock isn’t enough to keep an experienced criminal out of your apartment. If you don’t have a deadbolt chain install one of these, as well as additional locks which are more difficult to pick. Never leave your front door unlocked, even if you’re just taking out the bins – burglars are opportunistic.

If you’d like to discuss your security options, get in touch with our experts.