It’s the start of a brand new year – an exciting time to set goals and make plans to ensure that 2018 is the best year yet. However, how many New Year’s resolutions fall by the wayside by February? If you really want to make sure that you and your family have a healthy, happy and fun 2018 then there’s one thing you can do to make sure they are well taken care of – protect your property as best you can.

An intruder can cause devastation in minutes. A burglary doesn’t just have an impact on finances – if sentimental things which can’t be replaced are stolen, it can be very upsetting, and you might not feel safe in your home for a long time afterwards. Having security worries about your property can also prevent you from going on holidays and leaving the house empty for any period of time. This is why home security should be at the top of your agenda as we head into 2018. Buying new furniture and gadgets in the sales is what January is all about – but shouldn’t you protect them as best possible too?

If you want to commit to updating your home security, here are some state of the art features to consider.

Wireless alarm systems

It’s a good idea to have an intruder alarm – criminals will often target homes without them. However they are not all made equal! A wireless alarm system is the latest innovation, and with the impressive range it means outbuildings and sheds are also protected. If you got a new bike for Christmas, you don’t have to worry about leaving it in your shed. The newest alarm systems are also pet-friendly, and use fobs or proximity tags for access rather than a code which is easily guessed.

Smart home apps

It’s no secret that burglars prefer unoccupied or empty properties, as there is less chance of getting caught and more time to steal valuables. This is why you should make your home look occupied while you are out, with the help of mobile apps. You can control lamps and other devices such as radios remotely, to fool the criminals.

CCTV systems

CCTV is becoming much more popular on residential properties, to give burglars a further warning before targeting a property. With HD recording and the option to view live footage on remote devices, it is an easy way to take control of your property while you are away from home. It can give homeowners peace of mind while they are on holiday so they can relax rather than worry about security.

Make sure your property and family is safe this year and for many years to come, by investing in home security.