January is a great time to reflect on the year before, and plan for the year ahead. What can you do better, how can you achieve your goals, what can you change to be happier? Whatever you’re planning for 2017, don’t compromise it by failing to prioritise security at home. Protecting your property and your family – what you care about most in life – should probably be at the top of your list.

Perhaps you moved to a new neighbourhood or the intruder alarm has been broken for a while – make it your New Year’s resolution to get those odd jobs fixed and increase security at your property. Read on for a quick guide to protecting your home this year.

Secure your doors

Burglars look for the easiest and fastest way to enter a property – which is usually a door. If you have an old door with just one easy lock to pick, clever thieves can easily get in. If your door looks like it could do with some serious TLC, burglars will also attempt to kick it down. Look after your front and back doors and replace them when necessary. If you can’t afford a brand new door, invest in some extra locks.

Secure your windows

If your windows don’t lock or need replacing then don’t delay. Thieves also like to target homes with old fashioned windows, as they are easier to chisel open or smash. Ensure windows and frames are as secure as possible by opting for double glazing and always locking them.

image of windows

Don’t brag

Thieves will often wander a neighbourhood to decide which homes to target. If you have expensive items on show by a window, a flashy car on the drive or large electrical boxes in the front garden which need picking up, you could be next on the list. Think again before positioning that brand new 60 inch flatscreen TV on the wall opposite the window.

Fit a burglar alarm

Burglar alarms are a great deterrent, and can also help you with peace of mind when you’re sleeping or on holiday. An intruder alarm usually prevents criminals from entering, but if they do break into your property they will soon be scared off.

Get a dog

Now, security shouldn’t be the primary reason for buying a four legged friend – however if you love pets and can give a dog a good home, they are loyal animals. There’s not many burglars who would target a property with a loud dog.

image of security dog

Take these measures and you can rest assured knowing you’ve done what you can to protect your home.