Security features for homes and businesses have already come a long way since the first intruder alarms. Modern wireless alarm systems offer total perimeter protection with pet friendly options which are ideal for all types of buildings. If homeowners want to go a step further to secure their property, then they could also install a CCTV System with a digital video recorder and remote viewing from laptops and smartphones. Technology in the security sector has become advanced pretty quickly – but how could it evolve even further in the near future?

New tech and gadgets are always being developed and tested, but only few will become mainstream. Take a look at Assured Security Solutions’ predictions for the next five years.

Virtual Keys

Homes are becoming ‘smarter’ and more ‘connected’ which means we’ll be able to control pretty much everything with our phones or the internet. One of the most interesting devices set to come to market is a Smart Lock, which works in conjunction with the Home app. This virtual lock lets you use your smartphone as a key to open the door, and you can also add other smartphones to allow entry, such as your relative’s or friend’s smartphone. Additionally, you can set the lock to un-lock as you approach your front door, to save you searching in your bag for keys or your phone! This could come in handy when you go out running or on other occasions when you don’t want to carry a key.

Smart Plugs

Many people have already used timer plugs or smart thermostats, and we’re going to see this technology increase in popularity. With these special plugs, you can use your phone remotely and have complete control over your electricals. This could be an impressive security feature as you could decide when to switch on lights or a radio to make it seem like the house is occupied when it’s not.

Sound-based AI

Why rely on recording images when we could use machine learning in the future? An ambitious project aims to offer total home security with sound based artificial intelligence. The device measures sound on a daily basis to learn what is normal in the household – for example a cat playing with its toy, washing up utensils, the kids playing in the garden. It can then alert homeowners if there is an unusual activity or a sound which could indicate a break-in.

Would you trust any of these high-tech security measures?