The majority of break-ins occur when nobody is at home; burglars target empty properties without security features so there is less chance of being caught. With this in mind, homeowners are rightly worried about going on holiday if there is nobody to stay at home and look after the property. Summer holiday season is here, and whether you’re going on a short camping trip with the kids or heading to a destination wedding, you’ll want to read these security tips before you lock up.

Cancel deliveries

If leaving your home unoccupied for a week or longer, it is recommend to cancel some of the regular deliveries you receive. Newspapers or milk bottles piled up can be spotted by a criminal and are a sure fire sign that the occupants are on holiday. Advise your milkman and newspaper shop which dates you won’t be requiring their goods, along with anything else that gets delivered regularly. You can even stop your mail using a Royal Mail service to hold mail for up to two months.

Protect the car

Thieves may be more interested in the nice car on your driveway than stealing what’s inside the house – it offers a quick getaway. Make sure you leave the car keys in a safe place, ideally with a family member so they’re not in the property at all. If you’re taking the car with you on holiday, ask a neighbour to park in front of your house while you’re away to make it look like somebody is home.

Application timers

Modern technology now allows homeowners to switch on appliances in their homes, including lights, the central heating and the TV or radio, from a different location. Make it look like somebody is home by putting lamps on a timer and even having the radio on in the evenings. If you don’t have a smartphone or might not have access to it on holiday, you can use timer plugs. If you’re a bit more tech savvy then you can purchase timers which are operated through an app to give you more flexibility and control.

There’s never a good time to get burgled, but consider coming home to discover your home has been raided – beat the burglar and think carefully about security before you go away.