Many people think that crime, including burglary, is more prevalent in cities than it is in small countryside towns and villages. This may be the case for very densely populated cities such as London and Birmingham, however the majority of countryside locations are not crime-free. Anybody who has watched Emmerdale or Midsomer Murders knows that murderers and criminals can also target rural areas!

Here are some things to consider in relation to security and crime, in urban and rural locations.

Living in the city

The main reason for there being more incidents of crime in cities is simply because of a higher population. The more people there are, the more chances of some of them turning to crime. Some neighbourhoods can also develop gangs which are fuelled by drugs or violent crime, which is why some areas become dangerous to live in.

It’s worth remembering that some local areas in a city are also underprivileged, and house people on low incomes or with other circumstances which means they cannot work. Some people struggling to get by may turn to petty crime in desperation. However it’s worth noting that if you live in a busy city, there are almost always witnesses – so criminals know they are more likely to get caught. It’s difficult attempting a break-in with lots of people walking or driving by.

Living in the country

Many countryside villages are wealthy and have beautiful large houses – which makes them a prime target for organised burglaries. You may live in an area with a small population, but professional criminals will travel in from outside the village just to commit the crime. That’s why living in the countryside isn’t always safer – with quiet roads and isolated properties, there is less chance of being seen and getting caught.

Protecting your property

All homes need top security measures, regardless of whether they are in urban or rural locations. There is no real difference between the security measures you need in the city and security measures recommended for the countryside. If you have a family and a property to protect, location doesn’t matter.

Security experts recommend all homes to be fitted with an intruder alarm, which notifies neighbours when activated. State of the art alarms are wireless and can even protect outbuildings and sheds, as well as the main house. Users can also dial in to their property through the alarm system, and speak to whoever is in the building.

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