Modern technology has allowed the original intruder alarm system to become highly advanced. The conventional alarm system was difficult to install without disruption in the property, and there was a limited option for access – usually a pin which could be easily guessed. Today, alarms can be tailored to each property and provide a full solution to protect your home and deter criminals.

However, with the improvement in technology and expertise comes a wider choice, and homeowners are now swamped with different security options. Alarms come in all different shapes with a plethora of features including wireless technology, fobs and integral microphones. If you are planning to upgrade your current alarm system or have one installed in a new property, it can be difficult to know where to start.

At ASS, all of our alarms are individually designed to suit your property and you can choose the features you need to add on. Our alarm systems can be broken down into three main categories – find out all you need to know below.

Fully wired system

Just because we now have access to wireless technology doesn’t mean that wired systems are out of date. They are still fit for purpose for a whole range of small properties, including bungalows and commercial offices or units. Many homeowners are happy with the protection offers by a wired system, but they aren’t suitable for people who would prefer less disruption to furnishings.

Fully wireless system

Everything is wireless these days, so there’s no reason why intruder alarms require wires either. We use 868MHZ technology to connect a range of detectors to the main system. The wireless range is unparalleled, meaning you can even include outbuildings and sheds in the protected area. There are no cables to worry about making installation much simpler, and you can also choose from a range of modern access features such as fobs to gain entry. The majority of our residential and small retail clients choose a fully wireless system.

Hybrid system

Because we design each alarm system to suit the needs of the property, we can also create a hybrid of wired and wireless capability. These are perfect for upgrading old wired systems which need additional detection or where you want to increase security in a newly decorated property. As with all our alarms these feature total perimeter protection which is easily expandable to allow for future projects.

If you need any further clarification about the different features of our intruder alarms, please get in touch with our team.