In the past, only people with very extravagant homes or those in the public eye would need CCTV installed at their properties. However, with crime a big problem in many areas and CCTV proving an effective deterrent, CCTV systems are being used in homes all over the UK. While there was a time that these security measures were reserved for the rich and famous, it is now quite common to see CCTV cameras in regular neighbourhoods.

Read on to see why we believe that domestic CCTV is for everyone, not just rich of a calculator

  1. It’s not as expensive as you think

The technology used in CCTV has developed rapidly, which means the equipment has come down in price significantly. Many people still believe that a CCTV system is a large expense which is out of their reach – but that’s just not the case. All systems are individual so the price differs depending on how many cameras and features required, but on average you’d be able to install CCTV for below £700. It’s a long term investment and an affordable price that is justified for protecting your property and your family.

  1. Criminals don’t just target mansions

The bounty may be more plentiful at a large impressive property – but it’s much harder to get in and steal things without getting caught. So if you were a burglar, would you rather risk going to jail or choose to target a house without CCTV? Thieves target all homes in all neighbourhoods, as there is always something valuable worth stealing. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that nobody would want to break into your modest home.

  1. It could reduce insurance premiumsphoto of a family

If you take extra steps to protect your property, such as installing CCTV, your home insurer could reduce your premium. A house with security features is less likely to get burgled, which means the company is less likely to have to pay out. Therefore investing in CCTV could save you money in the future.

  1. Protect your family

At the end of the day, installing CCTV will improve safety for your family, and deter criminals from breaking in. It doesn’t matter how much money you have or expensive possessions, the most important things to protect are the people you love. There is no price on them!

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