There are many different types of security alarm systems, and not all are made equal. Some simply offer a siren if the correct code isn’t inputted at the main entrance, while more advance systems have a variety of sensors and detectors in place to beat the burglar from any entry. ASS alarms are individually designed for each household, ensuring that all corners of the property are protected with minimal disruption to the building and décor.

As alarms have evolved, criminals have got smarter. This means that property owners need a number of security systems in place to deter offenders and protect their belongings. Security alarm systems are an all-encompassing tool which can protect properties in the most comprehensive way. Below we’ve listed just some of the features of our alarms which help homeowners beat the burglar and secure their property.

Wireless range

The problem with many alarm systems is they rely on wires, which means protection is limited to within the household. Thanks to wireless technology with an impressive range, homeowners can also protect sheds, garages, outhouses and other detached segments of their property.

Door contact sensor

As a main point of entry, it’s essential that an alarm system has a door contact sensor. Authorised persons can deactivate this with a code, fob or proximity tag.

Internal and external sirens

Should the alarm sense an intruder, two sirens will be activated. This will alert anybody inside the property, as well as attracting attention outside and deterring the criminal.

Total perimeter protection

Advanced alarms from Assured Security Solutions boast total perimeter protection without the need for cables on doors or windows throughout the home.

Pet friendly detectors

It’s important for the technology to recognise members of the family, which includes pets, and how they differ from intruders. By using pet friendly sensors the alarm can carry on protecting your property to the highest standards while pets roam free.

Smoke and CO2 sensors

ASS alarms help to protect homes from whatever could damage it, which is why our systems also include smoke and CO2 sensors as standard. This will protect properties from arson attacks and accidental damage.

Flood sensor

We can also fit a flood sensor at the lowest point of your property, which will alert the homeowner to the threat of a flood.

Alarm systems not only work to beat the burglars, but also to fully protect your home from any potential threat.