Crime can be a big worry for homeowners and business owners, especially if they have valuables to protect. Whether it is theft, anti-social behaviour or vandalism which is the main concern, it’s important to take steps to actually deter criminals from targeting your property. Crime deterrents can be quite easy and cost effective to implement, and can save your home or business from a break in.

Minimise the risk of burglary and other crimes by followed these five tips.

Make it likely they’ll get caught

Criminals have one thing in common – they don’t like getting caught. That means they will actively seek out properties which are easier to steal from. The most accurate way of catching a criminal is with CCTV. Installing CCTV systems on the outside and inside of your property can make burglars think twice about trying to break in.burglar

Let them know you have security measures

Security measures such as CCTV and alarm systems serve a double purpose – as well as intervening to stop theft, they can actually be used as a visual symbol. Having a burglar alarm – and letting people know by signs on the outside of the property – is a good way to deter criminals from attempting to enter the building.

Own a dog

Dogs are protective pets, and are usually trained to be unkind to intruders. Criminals know this, and as it makes their job a lot easier to break into a home without a dog which may attack them. You can go one step further by putting a sticker in the window to warn visitors about the dog.

Don’t display your cache

It sounds obvious, but having all of your cars on display rather than in a garage is asking for a car theft. Similarly, having all of your valuables on show on the ground floor of your home, such as expensive TVs, games consoles and other equipment, is asking for trouble. Try and position items away from the window and keep blinds shut when out of the house. Stop criminals from targeting your home by making it seem like you have nothing worth stealing.image of dog

Install electrical timers

Criminals generally prefer to break into properties which are vacant – to avoid getting caught. By making it seem like someone is in, you can help to deter burglars. Use timers on the plugs of TVs and lamps to give the impression that somebody is home and waiting to catch an intruder.

Armed with these top tips, you’ll hopefully avoid the smart criminals who have the potential to cause criminal damage to your property and steal your valuables.